Quality Aircon Installers Johannesburg

aircon installation johannesburgOur installation team work side by side with the most reputable manufacturers and suppliers of air conditioning equipment to provide you with the latest equipment and best possible prices. Due to the changing nature of the economy, we are well aware that the cost of the product or service is what determines whether one will acquire an AC system or not. We provide you with the best costs ranging from running costs and installation costs and they are all within your means.

 If you’re thinking to install a new airconditioner in Johannesburg then feel free to call our team at any time. We will listen to your needs and preferences and advice you accordingly on the best AC units to suit your office or home. Our team of air con installers are highly trained and do not compromise on the quality of their work. With a few hours we’ll have your new AC unit up and running perfectly and we make sure there is a minimum of drilling on both the interior and exterior section of the house.


As one of Gauteng’s foremost air conditioning companies, we are thoroughly experienced in supply and installation of all size systems. We have invaluable knowledge about the myriad of brands and models. There are many models flooding the market and we’ll gladly help our customers find the correct model for their home or commercial property. There is no need to worry because we are here to help you stay in touch with the latest technological changes and get you an AC unit that is not only cost effective but also easy to use. Whether it is condensing aircon units, extraction based ventilated units or the split-system, we will advise you accordingly.

 No matter you needs, be assured that we will sort you out with the very best aircon installation Johannesburg can offer! The prices and quality of our products and services are among the most competitive in the city. We guarantee you comfort during the hot season where you are usually unable to catch some sleep due to too much heat. With us, there is no limit to how far we can go in terms of quality. Regardless of your budget, you can get an air con system that meets your demands. Make that call today on 010 500 4164.